Rainforest Workshop with Students

For this project, we were asked to collaborate with every child that attends Harford Day school in order to fabricate a piece of art that each student had a hand in making. Considering there are more than 400 students and we had one week, this was a huge task! We were given the theme of "Rainforest" to begin, and asked each grade to take a layer of the rainforest and research the plants and animals, hoping to foster a deeper appreciation for these endangered environments. Afterwards, we collected drawings from the students of their favorite animal and laid out a basic design.

The mural is painted on a series of boards that was divided up so that each group of students could take a section of the mural, draw it out, and paint it. They had to learn to give up ownership and work together on one image because often one student would begin an area, and a different student would finish it.

I hope you can see the joy this project brought everyone involved reflected in the work, the students and faculty at Harford Day School were excellent collaborators!