Family Center

This delightful mural was done in partnership with The United Way to support the development of Benjamin Franklin's new Family Center. After meeting with the caretakers to see what books and toys the toddlers played with, we designed a mural incorporating familiar characters the children would recognize to enhance the positive energy in the space. Special thanks to Hanna Moran, Spectrum Design's studio manager, for leading the design effort. She put together a beautiful, charming mural that coordinated perfectly with both rooms and made everyone smile.

The Family Center allows current high school students to bring their young children to school every day to have in-house day care and after-school parenting lessons, allowing them to focus on their studies while learning about childcare. This program has and will continue to increase graduation and college-attendance rates. Spectrum Studio is very proud to have been a part of this new program, the first of its kind in Baltimore City.